Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

How long people need help varies. For many problems, 3-5 hypnosis sessions can help people achieve their goals, and they often see some difference within 1-3 sessions. Other problems need more time to shift. There are a number of factors: what you need help with, how long you've been dealing with it, your previous experience with professional helpers, and current motivation.

What happens at the first session?

At the first session, we will discuss your needs and I will ask you for the history of your problems and symptoms.  After establishing that hypnosis is the right treatment for you, we will do some pre-hypnosis work, including a hypnotizability assessment.  Please note that EVERYONE can be hypnotized - the assessment is to determine what kind of hypnotic induction to use as well as to estimate the number of sessions needed.

How often do I come for sessions?

Weekly is best, at least for the first three sessions.  Follow-ups can be scheduled every other week, or even a month later, depending on the issue being addressed.

Can I get a recording of my session's hypnosis?

Yes. Just bring your smartphone or other device with you. That way, you can have the recording immediately.

Are there side effects to hypnosis?

Most people feel deeply relaxed and have a great night's sleep after a hypnosis session. These stress-relieving effects can last for several days. Occasionally, a small minority of people find that they feel tired or a little "spacey" after their first hypnosis. This generally passes within the hour. If this is a concern for you, it is a good idea to schedule your consultation for a time when you are able to go home afterwards and relax.

How will I know I have been hypnotized?

I will direct your attention to the physical cues of hypnosis and other markers and ask you to indicate when you have felt them. 

What if I can't be hypnotized?

I have not yet had a client who has been unable to experience hypnosis. However, some people do need more time to experience trance. The likelihood is extremely high that you will experience hypnosis by the second session.

What is your session rate,  forms of payment,  cancellation policy?

 Please see the "Payment" page to learn about rates, payment, and policies.

What kind of discount can I get for sessions?  

I am passionate about helping smokers to become smoke-free.  I offer a 4-session package that includes a $250 savings. This means that if you decide to continue with the smoking cessation program after your first session, you receive 3 more sessions for the price of two.